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>> when it comes to forensic evidence, what happens to the streets the reality world may not play out lik it does on tv. >> sean: that is all the time we have left for tonight. we'll see you back here monday night. have a great night. >> julie: i'm julie banderas and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: torrential rain and massive flooding forcing states to declare emergency. some areas suffering from massive structural damage and entire neighborhoods remain underwater. >> julie: new jersey authorities want to find a man who opened fire at a college party killing one person and wounding four other people. what caused him to come back with the gun and latest. >> gregg: clock is ticking in the middle east right now. u.s. mediators trying to salvage
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talks between israel and palestinians. at issue is whether israel will stop building in dispute territory. we're live in jerusalem at a deadline at construction freeze two hours away. >> julie: first bill clinton hitting the campaign trail in a big way crisscrossing the northeast trying to give democratic candidates a boost at the midterm elections. molly is live in fountain, mass mass where the former president is lending his name to congressman barney franks. >> that is why, barney frank a 30-year incumbent, democrats bringing in the big guy here, big guns trying to make sure that the voters go to poll on election day. this mass mass, things have changed. this was once democratic stronghold but because of scott brown, they say the campaign is taking nothing for granted. barney franks welcoming the
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president as he got up on stage rallying all the supporters that came here today. he's been criticized actually for bringing in president clinton. they claim he is a little bit vulnerable. he said i am fighting for every single water. sean is his competitor. he is marine and businessman. he says he thinks it's time for change and their polling numbers he is within striking distance. here is what sean has to say about the frank campaign. >> i think they are very vulnerable. i think we're going to see every night when i meet with these groups, there is a lot of discontent out there. a lot of people that supporting him are not as fer vent. >> the strong support in this state, a 15 term congressman, he is fighting the fight and president clinton has been fighting the fight in new england, starting in connecticut he will end up in maine working
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the enthusiasm gap. republicans are expected to have a banner year at the polls this november. democrats really want to fire up their base as well. >> julie: molly, thank you very much. >> gregg: bill clinton isn't the only big name out on the campaign trail these days. first lady michelle obama as well as vice president joe biden are campaigning in typically solid democratic states like wisconsin and california. in the final weeks leading up to the elections democrats are bringing out the big guns, but president obama is noticeably absent. joining me with a debate, rick tyler, founding director of new american leadership and rich masters, democratic strategist and former policy advisor. we have rick and rich, so have to be real carefully here. rich masters, let me start with you, our fox news opinion dynamics poll puts president
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obama's approval rating at a low 42%. another poll confirms the exact same number. barney frank appears to have been referring to president obama when he said sarcasticly to reporters, hey, am i supposed to bring in unpopular people to campaign. is that why he brought in bill clinton instead? >> i don't think so. i know barney frank enough to know he would bring in president obama, that the president's schedule would allow it. he would -- >> didn't help martha coakley. >> but her campaign was kind of a mess as well whereas barney frank is doing the smart thing, as an incumbent he is not taking anything for granted. bringing in bill clinton and reminding people how great it was we had it under bill clinton. regardless of the personal problems, there is no question that his presidency was a
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successful one. >> gregg: rick, i mentioned martha, she lost to scott brown even though the president was campaigning for her. she was able to win ted kennedy's seat. is barney frank actually vulnerable here especially since many americans blame him and chris dodd for forcing lenders to make risky subprime mortgages to trigger the financial crisis and ensuing recession? >> clearly the strategy of the democratic party is deciding what they want to do with bill clinton. he reminds people about welfare reform about lower taxes that occurred under his watch with a republican congress. i'm sure that the democrats needed to put bill clinton that is willing to do this to make a difference. the idea he would be called to help barney frank who is always been a solid democratic seat
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tells me that there is a tidal wave that we have to go out and preserve frank's seat. >> rich masters, as unpopular as president obama is right now based on those poll numbers, vice president joe biden's approval rating, worse. yet, he is stumping for a candidate in florida, a couple of candidates. given biden's inpopularity and the fact that many seniors in florida are angry about losing their medicare advantage under the new health care law, is it wise to have him standing next to you? >> i think absolutely. the truth is joe biden, we talked about the popularity and unpopularity ratings, the numbers you showed showed president obama approval rating at 42. it shows biden at 41. i seen other polls 47 and 46, it's still better to be a
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democrat and running with this ticket then running with george bush with a 32% or 29% and with dick cheney with a 22% kind of favorability rating. this election is going to boil down whether joe biden or barack obama saying this is a choice, do we want to go back to the same policies that built bill clinton's prosperity. the answer is quite clearly is going to be no on election day. >> the president may be unpopular but his wife is enormously popular. she has favorability rating close to 70%. is she out there campaigning with california, colorado, several other states. that is a shrewd and wise move, isn't it? >> i have the mind that third party is good for fund-raising but i don't think they make
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people to move to make a decision. they like when michelle obama and get to meet her but they then they decide on the candidate. there is a clear difference between whether we are going to fund obama care and cap and trade are going back to fiscal restraint. >> let me ask you something about rich just said. he brought up george bush. look, look at the polls as well and more americans blame george bush than they do barack obama for the financial and economic mess we're in. that is going to gain some traction, isn't it? >> as long as people don't tell the truth about it. the financial mess goes all the way back to jimmy carter. barney frank.... >> gregg: jimmy carter? >> you know that barney frank.... >> calvin coolidge's fault.
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>> it stopped the down economy with fannie mae and freddie mac people couldn't afford the buy houses and the market collapsed and housing market is going down as fast as the democratic party. >> gregg: rick and rich, good to see you both. >> julie: well, before making a final ballot decisions, many voters are waiting to see what congress does about expiring tax cuts. president obama and many democrats want to end the bush era cuts for wealthiest americans but many recipes says raising taxes on anyone isn't the answer to our financial crisis. julie, we got some answers on the timing of the tax cut vote. what is the word. >> reporter: the number two democrat in the house appeared, steny hoyer he doubts there be vote on tax cuts meaning that americans are going to have to
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wait until after the november elections to find out what their tax rates are going to be, on income, dividends and capital gains. hoyer says it's republicans support for tax cuts for the rich which is holding up a tax relief for everyone else. here is hoyer. >> if such is the sentiment it westbound speesh us on act but we have absolutely guaranteed there will be no increase in middle income taxes. speak and i said that. >> senator durbin also on the sunday show acknowledged today that democrats don't have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster on extending those tax cuts making under $150,000. -- $250,000. >> they say especially business owners need more certainty.
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here is john boehner. >> as we leave here this week and adjourn for the election without preventing these tax increases on the american people it will be most irresponsible thing i have seen since i have been in washington, d.c.. >> reporter: and david axelrod on the sunday talk shows, he said he believes republicans will feel pressure from voters between now and election day to pass the middle income tax rates and let the rates expire. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: minnesota at guard says it has more than hundred soldiers on flood duty across the state a series of thunderstorms dumping almost 11 inches of rain forcing hundreds of people from their homes. some areas completely empty looking like ghost towns. rivers also cresting above their normal levels.
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destroying buildings leaving a trail of debris. emergency officials are now warning that more flooding is expected later this week. >> a delegation from oman trying to win the release of two americans being held in iran. they have been in prison for more than a year now. oman played a role in securing the release of a third american, sara showered earlier this month. shourd and the two remaining prisoners are accused of crossing into iran while hiking. >> julie: halloween sales are looking good and signs of stores planning to do a lot more hiring this christmas holiday season than last. could all those temporary jo bs be something else? joining us, brenda butner. so every single holiday we see employment goes up because people get short term jobs.
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is this the same thing all over again or potentially could holiday hiring season is a sign that confidence may be bouncing back. >> we'll take any positive at this point. 2008 was the low for retail sales and for retailers. last year they went up 30%. it looks like by some estimates, they think it could be even a stronger year. we've seen year over year retailers have increased hiring by 65%. it could be, you know, it can be a strong year. the thing is you have to be cautious. it looks like retailers will wait until the last minute to hire people. it could be well into ma december. you make a very good point. these are temporary workers and depends on demand. people are saving more.
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they are unemployed. it really have to wait until the season is almost over until we have a real sense of what kind of hiring was done. >> julie: they are waiting for the last minute to hire when i imagine the whole point is to lure in customers, give them the best service so they spend money. people in this economy expect even better service than usual. >> that is good point but they are not willing to hire. macy's says it's going to hire some 20,000 more people. toys 'r' us are opening new temporary stores, they are going to hire hundred thousand more people. there is probably going to be hiring in the shipping, like fed ex and that type of thing, but they are trying to give better customer service. these are temporary hires. as you said on january 1st, it's not a time for celebration for these people.
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>> julie: here is my concern then. might the temporary employment may be a huge employment surge but then drag the economy down the first of the year? >> it depends on how much they spend. they are cutting on credit card bills that means less demand, that means that retailers can't bounce back as fast, but it also means that january won't be as difficult. it all hinges on unemployment. it really does, when people have jobs, they'll spend. when they don't have jobs, it's much more difficult. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: taking a look at hospital care. as emergency room adviceists spike around the country, hospitals are trying to attract as many sick people as possible. some of them are actually using new technology to reach patients even as they are rushing to the e.r.. >> if you are driving along the
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highway and you have an ache or pain and trying to decide which hospital you should go to or even if you want to get treatment at all, new technology might make your decision a little easier. hospitals are now doing something usually reserved for used car dealers. they are buying billboards which are expensive, ten grand a month. on these massive signs, they advertise how long the wait is at their emergency room. in some places like south florida there are so many signs like the roadways the potential patients have the ability to drive around and comparison shop before picking an e.r.. >> we have heard stories of patients waiting but we didn't want to be one of those hospitals. so we started looking at ways we can rapidly get through the patients and fix them. we can provide much better care. >> reporter: hospitals are using websites and smart phone apps
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but some doctors think this is prescription for trouble. >> we're afraid, if it's going to discourage people to go to a good hospital and bypass to another hospital that is farther away, that could mean life or death. it could mean being a wheelchair as opposed to walking out of the hospital. you shouldn't determine where you are going, go to the nearest hospital you trust. >> reporter: a doctor that you heard from where necessity use this technology, anyone, anyone with a life or death situation will move right to the front of the line no matter what the sign says. >> julie: they are asked to perform some of dangerous missions in the u.s. military, now a group of navy seals and former tour de france rider, on the road with navy seals for a grueling cross-country ride --
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>> gregg: checking top stories, unruly passenger forcing pilots to turn a airline around just after takeoff. plane was heading to amsterdam. fortunately no injuries reported. >> he normally preaches on sunday but today, georgia pastor is vowing to fight sex abuse allegations against him. eddie long telling his congregation he never will lured young men to have sexual relations. >> they are looking for a man that shot a 19-year-old student. gunman opening fire at an off campus house party after police say he was denied access. >> a group of navy seals and tour de france rider is riding across the country at a pace of nearly 80 miles a day raising
4:23 pm
awareness for the navy's special warfare foundation. casey stegall is live in san diego with the story. >> reporter: that is a lot of exercise. we're talking about a 3300 mile journey. bikers left this morning from beautiful coronado which is across the bay from san diego. take a look of the video of them in action. a small group of only about five bikers will be on road for six weeks stopping in more than 40 u.s. cities for food, water and rest. the navy especially warfare foundation holding this bike ride to raise money for families of navy seals who have been killed or injured in the line of duty. >> special warfare foundation comes to the front lines and helps out the families in any type of assistance that we can, whether it's bringing relatives from out of state, finding hotel rooms, providing any next flight
4:24 pm
travel, anything that it takes to make this tragic experience a little less painful. >> reporter: the start of the ride especially somber because three seals were among nine americans killed in afghanistan when a blackhawk helicopter crashed in that country on tuesday. there was a special service this morning before the race got underway. we should tell you they plan on raising hundred thousand dollars total from this particular event to go to that foundation. so very good cause. we'll track that progress on fox news for you. >> julie: thank you very much. >> gregg: and rare behind the scenes look at harrowing rescue of american troops on the battlefield showing how medical evacuation teams are in afghanistan. cameras rolling during a mission by the 101st airborne division, medivac team going in to help two marines that were injured. me boarded blackhawk helicopters
4:25 pm
and head to the area in full armor. this day the crew flew eight separate missions rescuing 12 soldiers during a 24-hour period >> julie: israel's partial moratorium on building homes in the west bank is set to expire in hours from now. many palestinians say the freeze wasn't much of one in the first place. can the u.s. help bring peace to the middle east, next. ♪
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>> julie: time for top of the news. democrats are promising they will find a way to extend the expiring tax cuts but only for the middle-class. it will to have wait until the november elections though. most republicans oppose limiting the tax cuts for anyone including top earners. >> gregg: after two straight days of flooding, people in arcadia, wisconsin are returning
4:30 pm
spending night in shelters. >> julie: a deadly bus crash in germany. apparently the bus tried to avoid another vehicle and slammed into a bridge support. >> gregg: don't stop talking. that the message to the middle east peace talks. this the deadline for the freeze on israel settlement construction ends in about 90 minutes threatening to derail efforts. here you see activists marking the end of restrictions today. leland is live in jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: gregg, late tonight palestinian gunmen shot and wounded two israelis on the west bank in an attempt to derail the peace talks. they promise come sunrise tomorrow they will be building once again on the west bank. tomorrow marks the end of the settlement freeze, that freeze
4:31 pm
brought the palestinians to the negotiating table and end of it may mark the end of these peace talks. >> the ten month construction freeze officially ends at midnight but already on the west bank, construction has begun. it's hard to imagine the amount of effort in to prevent the concrete from coming in and exactly what this hole represents, but this could be the beginning of the end of the middle east peace talks. let me explain why. israeli settlements deep in the west bank, that the land palestinians want for their future state. settlers say they continue to build to emphasize their point. despite bussing people in there were a lot more reporters and news organizations from all over the world covering this than there were settlers involved in putting the concrete down. up next, yet another show. they going to release 2,000
4:32 pm
balloons into the sky that represents the 2,000 homes they intend to build on the west bank. as you can imagine the palestinians are not happy about that situation. >> the palestinians have said for the past six weeks if the freeze is not extended they are going to walk away from the negotiating table. that hasn't happened yet. they called a summit in egypt of arab countries to discuss the situation. as for the israelis, defense minister says he gives the talks 50/50 chance of breaking down on this very issue. >> gregg: leland, thanks. >> gregg: new polls indicating a few big shake-ups heading into the midterm elections. >> julie: here is the projections senate seats up for grabs, tight race shaping up in
4:33 pm
california. now a new poll shows the sunshine state shifting back into democrats column. with us is scott rasmussen. it's interesting to watch florida teetering back and forth what has happened to florida in the last week? >> no florida, it's been, mark rubiior. in california, barbara boxer are appears to be opening a lead over carly fiorina. she has a four-point edge right now. couple things of interest in the state, you got number one, barack obama is still very popular in california. you can't run against him. number two, this is one of the states where they don't want to have a tax cut vote early because across the nation, independent voters want to see the tax cuts extended for everybody. >> gregg: the insertion or reincertification of lisa
4:34 pm
mechanical could youski after she lost to joe miller seemed to have helped miller's lead in the general election? >> there has been a left turn going on. early on right after he won and there was a time whether or not she whether murcowski whether she was going to run. right now he is 42%. you have murkowski and mcadams around 25% each. what we see is republicans are supporting miller. independent voters are split equally between all three. >> julie: and special election to fill the seat of robert byrd. there is quite a shift in west virginia? >> this is a race, this is animal with a 69% job approval rating in the state. any politician would be happy
4:35 pm
with that. when raesee got into it, he is going up you have% disapproval rating for -- 66% disapproval for president obama. here is the key. 28% of republicans still say they are going to be voting for joe manchin. this could be an upset in november. >> democrats have been attempting to push through the dream act legislation that would provide a path to shiom for children under the age of 16 who are illegal immigrants. talk to us about poll numbers there? >> we did some polling, if people are brought here illegally by their parents and they have completed two years of college should they be eligible. just over half say yes. much wider supported if somebody came here was brought illegally by their parents and served in
4:36 pm
the u.s. military, yes, those people should be given a pass to citizenship after their military service. you know, this is still a difficult issue. we also asked if local school systems should be required to provide a public education for the children of illegal immigrants. only 20% said yes. >> julie: let's talk about favorability ratings and we know that nancy pelosi is not going to be most loved. she remains the least liked leader on capitol hill. really none of them are winning any beauty contests. what does it looks like on the republican and democratic sides? >> nobody is very popular among the congressional leaders. nancy pelosi at pat% and republicans are less.
4:37 pm
what it means is simple. most visible as you get as member of congress the more unpopular you get. if the republicans take over the house of representatives and john boehner becomes speaker a year from now we'll see his unfavorables looking like nancy pelosi's. >> what is the mood of americans. do americans see themselves more in line with sarah palin, president obama's views? >> 52% of likely voters say their viewers are closer to sarah palin, 40% say they are closer to the president. people -- this is not a choice who you want to be president. this is a basic whose values is closest to your own. a lot of polling on the republican party, republicans especially believe that sarah palin's views are closer to congressional republicans so there a lot of support in the base for governor palin. >> gregg: scott, good to see you. great poll numbers. thanks so much for sharing.
4:38 pm
>> julie: pretty good credit but can't get a loan. you are not alone. how about this, what happens when unexpected expenses hit you and you can't get a loan. you may not have to reach for the credit card yet. how an idea taking developing countries by storm is coming here to the united states. we'll explain coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ be tling. tling. but what if therwere a different sry? of one financial company
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going for charity in great britain today. hundreds of people donning costumes running through the streets of london, there i am before makeup. all before the great gorilla run. they protect national habitats around the world. they raised around $235,000. >> julie: slumping economy, even folks with good credit are finding hard to get a loan so they are turning to microlending websites. microlending is popular in other countries but now it's taking hold in the u.s. what do you need to know before you go into business with these operations. joining me is cassandra and ceo of bell rock capital. all right. can we buy this bull or is this bull? should we be using microlending
4:44 pm
services for those of us with great credit but can't get loans? >> these websites have been around for a few years. it's only been since the economic collapse and financial crisis they became more popular. they do serve a real purpose. clearly people were accessing credit cards for many purposes prior to the financial crisis. now, they can't use that credit line maybe because it's been cut maybe they can't afford the interest rate. so these weeks definitely have a good place in society. >> julie: lending, that is one of the websites where you can go. i understand rates can be as high as 25% if you are low rated borrower. that sounds scary? >> yeah, exactly. it's similar to a credit card where you can have very high rates. the thing is they do credit score for you, so their rates
4:45 pm
are going to be where you rate in the system. they are going to charge a processing fee. you can borrow up to $25,000 and you get a five-year repayment term which is pretty good. definitely if you are lower credit manner want to look at one of other ones. >> is there flexibility on rates 25%, why would anyone want to pay 25% on a loan for $25,000? >> well it would seem to me this could be maybe your last resort place to go. if you can't get a loan from a bank and take money out of credit card and can't borrow money from friends and family, maybe this is where you have to go. they have more flexibility with their rate because you are able to actually get people to bid. that is the other side of this coin. they are investors, quote, unquote, that are bidding and it's a good investment because
4:46 pm
you can get a better return than you would on a bond or cd by actually being a borrower to those people that need money. >> julie: i guess this would be i suppose the very last ditch effort, as you mentioned so we are clear here. if you are looking for a loan you don't to go these websites and look for loans. why has it gotten to this? why is this alternative for people who have good credit? it seems so unfair? >> the bottom line is that we all know there is still a banking crisis in this country. banks or not lending. community banks in particular which would be the banks that people can go to for a $25,000 or under loan, they many of them are not doing it right now. they don't have capital and they don't bank account to take the risk because they are still struggling with bad assets on their books. this a way for people to access
4:47 pm
some amount of capital if they need it for something, but it is not going to be cheap. it is not the first place you should go. you should still try and go to your local bank. >> julie: don't go to your 401-k first, you do this? >> no, you go to your local bank first. then you maybe try your 401-k and see what knows terms are like, if that is something you understand thoroughly and then you go to something like this. this is a last resort. >> julie: typically a 401-k you should save a rainy day. thank you very much. >> gregg: all right. let's talk a little football, a great american pastime a political action committee made of fans is taking the top championship bowl games to court. allegations are a bit serious here. we're going to be talking to a cofounder of that group next.
4:48 pm
stick around. ñ÷
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>> julie: symbol of hope for
4:52 pm
chilean miners trapped more than half a mile under ground. first of three rescue capsules arrived at the site of the collapsed mine. believe a hole large enough will be completed by early november. it's just large enough for an adult man will be lowered down into the shaft and hoist the men to the surface one by one. the miners have been trapped since august. >> gregg: a political action committee made up of fans dedicated to changing the way college football picks it's champions is heading to court. playoff pac is its name and accusing the organizers of three top championship bowls as taking advantage of their tax. >> you hire six lawyers and one accountant that go through 2600
4:53 pm
pages of tax returns and they allegedly found the following things. the ceo of the sugar bowl gets an annual salary of $645,000, yet the bowl ceo got $600,000 whereas the orange bowl received a whole lot less, $360,000 and on top of that, some of the executives at fiesta got zero interest loans. what do you think chad is going on here? >> well you've laid out the facts to be troubling. when we did our investigation we were surprised to learn that these bcs bowls are tax exempt entities just like the american red cross. we partnered with the d.c. tax law firm and investigated. we found troubling facts. we're not actually taking these bowls to court but we did send a letter to the irs asking them to initiated an investigation to see whether their regulations
4:54 pm
and governing law is being complied with. >> gregg: $600,000 is too much phone for a ceo or the fiesta or sugar bowl? >> that is a great question. ultimately that will be a question for the irs to determine. when you compare it to similar charities that have a similar operating budget, we're talking in the neighborhood of four times the amount of salary. >> ggg: i want to be fair. fiesta bowl says they have complied with tax laws and sugar bowl insists they did nothing wrong. in fact they gave us a statement. quote, playoff pack is manipulating numbers to support their own agenda. we are audited every year and have always complied with all irs regulations. is that true? have they been audited and wouldn't those audits revealed any impropriety? >> i'm sure they have hired a
4:55 pm
law firm to conduct an audit, but we still think there are concerns here. we filed a complaint with the irs that states the facts as we've uncovered them and then the irs which has the authority, which has the resources and they are the ones to decide whether their regulations are being complied with. >> gregg: fiesta bowl claims, look, your actions are just a publicity stunted. let me quote. these are dated, tired discredited allegations by a group whose sole purpose is destroy the college bowl. let's assume the irs take action. maybe they suspend them as a nonprofit. how in the world does it help achieve your goal of changing the playoff system? >> well, bottom line is we think here, we're pulling back the curtain a little bit. no one understands how the bcs
4:56 pm
works. no one understands where the money is coming from and who it's getting disbursed to. as people understand the facts there are real problems here. that will help our entities ultimate goal. >> gregg: what is that goal? you want a playoff system, like what? >> you know, we're pretty open in terms of what types of playoffs would work. bottom line is that the current system does not work. bcs bowls are not good for the universities as we can see from our report. most of the money that is coming in is sticking with these bowl executives and that is not where the money is supposed to go. it's supposed to go to our universities and student athletes and not to line the pockets of executives. >> one big fan of the playoff system is the president of the united states, he thinks there should be playoffs. maybe you should enlist him.
4:57 pm
chad pearson, good luck to you. let us know what happens. >> thank you, sir, i will. >> julie: coming up on cold and flu season, getting a cold, listen to this, may make your child obese? what you can do to keep your child healthy, next. sweat every day to make an honest buck...month. and if you're gonna try and do this in anything other than a chevy... well, good luck...month. great deals on the complete family of chevy trucks all backed for a hundred thousand miles. it's truck month. now buy this 2011 all-star edition silverado and combine the option package discount with other offers for a total value o five thousand llars. seyour local chevrolet dealer. boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance...
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>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett and
5:01 pm
welcome to a brand new hour, inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie bandaras, topping the news, tense deadline looming, one mauhour from now i the middle east, as they prepare to lift a settlement freeze in the west bank, a live report from jerusalem. >> gregg: venezuela, voters have a few minutes left to cast their votes, will they fill the assembly with parties opposed to hugo chavez? we'll go live to caracas. >> julie: and a look back half a century, 50 years ago today, our own presidency candidates found out about the power of television, profound lly shapin the public's opinion of the man -- or woman -- who would be president. >> gregg: extending all or some of the bush era tax cuts, set to expire at the end of the year and lawmakers may wait to decide their fate until after the
5:02 pm
november midterm elections. julie kirtz is live with more on that, hi, julie. >> top democrats in congress saying americans are likely to get an answer on the big tax question, before they go to the polls, november 2nd. house majorities leader steny hoyer, said on fox news sunday he doubts the house will vote on extending the bush era tax cuts this week and blames republicans in the senate, for blocking action. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue, as you know, we have 400 bills pending in the senate, 75% of which have gotten 50 republican votes or more but they can move the senate and it would be a specious act. >> reporter: democratic leaders say they want to allow tax cuts for higher income americans to expire at the end of the year to reduce the deficit. but, house minority leader john boehner says it is irresponsible for democrats to delay action on the tax cuts until after the midterms, republicans want all the cuts extended, of course. >> if we leave here this week an
5:03 pm
adjourn for the election without preventing these tax increases on the american people, it will be the most irresponsible thing i have seen, since i have been in washington, d.c. and i have been here a while. >> it, a pierce the big argument over the tax cuts could very well continue through the midterm elections and into a lame duck congressional session and under one scenario, members come back or extend all or some of the tax cuts but only for a year or two and revisit it after the 2012 presidential election and more uncertainty possibly, for voters. back to you. >> gregg: julie kirtz, live in washington, that. -- thanks. >> julie: for a fair and balanced debate we are joined by peter king, republican congress of new york and democratic congressman eliot engel, also of new york. thanks, gentlemen, for talking to us. david axelrod says the republican insistence on tax cuts for the rich is holding up tax relief for everyone else, and they will have to explain
5:04 pm
that to voters on the campaign trail. i want to hear more about what he said on abc's "this week." listen: >> i think it's an untenable position to say we'll allow your taxes to go up, on january 1, unless the president agrees to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. >> julie: congressman engel, we are not talking about billionaires here, when we talk of a family making over $250,000 a year. why do democrats insist on making that assessment. >> i think it should be more than $250,000, because if you live in an area like congressman king and i live, the high cost of living area like new york city that is not fair but i think the real question here is, should tax cuts for the middle class be held hostage because republicans refuse to support it, unless we also give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires and i think we should vote for tax cuts, for the middle class, and then i think we should
5:05 pm
revisit the other issue, once the election is held. but, i don't think it should be held hostage by republicans, so, therefore, it is impossible to revisit it now, because in the senate, they can't get it passed, can't get it even up for a vote. >> julie: congressman qingdao agree wi -- king, do you agree with that assessment. >> >> no, i don't, i agree $250,000 certainly does not make you rich in a high tax area such as new york. no, i would say, and i'm not trying to make it a partisan fight but the democrats are holding it hostage by saying they will not extend the tax cuts for those over $250,000. remember, we are not giving new taxes, we are extending the current tax cuts already in the irs code and to me the worst thing you can do is be raising taxes on anyone during a recession or as we're coming out of recession and trying to come out of recession and that is what it would be, it would be a tax increase on the part of our
5:06 pm
society, those making over $250,000, who produced the jobs and many of them are small business people, by the way, who produce many of the small business jobs in the country and to me it would be counterproductive and damaging and by dividing it by saying we'll take it here first and then come back and take part of it later, and, as john kennedy said is, the rising tide lifts all boats, and we should do this by improving the economy to everyone. >> julie: you talk about how the republicans are colding the middle class tax cuts hostage and john boehner said on fox news sunday many democrats agree with the g.o.p. position that at a time like this in the economy we are in, no one's taxes should go up, in such a difficult economic environment. how do you disagree with the statement like that? how could democrats argue that it is a good thing to tax those who are doing well in this economy, why not argue the opposite and say those who are
5:07 pm
making plus-250,000 could potentially pump the money back into the economy and maybe reinstate consumer confidence. >> republicans can't have it both ways. they talk and talk about the deficit, and the fact that we are having red ink as the eye -- far as the eye can see and i would remind my republican friends that when bill clinton left office we had a record surpluses in this country under a 8 years of george bush when republicans controlled everything for six of those eight years both houses of congress and the presidency, we went into deficit spending, and, again, red ink as far as the eye could see. so, you cannot say you are for closing e-closing the budget and blow $700 billion unpaid for to hip millionaires and billionaires the congressional budget office did a study and found out, came to the conclusion that of the 11 things we can do, to help the economy, to get, make job creation, to do the things that
5:08 pm
keep the economy humming, raising tax -- getting tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires was the 11th out of 11 worst things that you could do in terms of providing the stimulation for the economy. and, alan greenspan, who is head of the fed, a republican, of well-known, prominent republican and well respected, said the tax cuts, to millionaires and billionaires are not paid for. and, that they -- the revenue coming back will not be equivalent to what we spend. >> julie: congressman king, john boehner criticized the democratic proposal basically to delay the vote on bush tax cuts until after the november 2nd elections. your thoughts on that? when should it be voted on and do you think a decision will be made before november 2nd? >> i think the american people should know before the election how the member of congress wants to vote and i would say the answer to eliott, when president bush took over in '01 the economy was in decline, the third quarter of 2000 and first quarter of 2001, the economy was heading toward a recession and
5:09 pm
then we had 9/11, it was the bush tax cuts which, by the way, received a lot of bipartisan support that saved the economy and brought in more revenue and that is why so many democrats today, remember the democrats control the house, 37, at least 37 of their own members are against the $250,000 tax cut and this is bipartisan support for the tax cuts an nancy pelosi and steny hoyer will not allow it to come to a vote because they know they would lose on the house floor in a house they control. >> the tax cuts were so good, how come we had them during the bush era and the economy went into deep recession? i don't understand. >> it was a tax cut that saved the economy, and it was actually regulatory and it was fannie mae and freddie mac that caused the recession. >> i don't think that is the case. >> the deficit was going down consecutively '06, '07, '08 and fannie mae and freddie mac... >> republicans spent like drunken sailors when they were in control. >> julie: now i have to plug on
5:10 pm
this interview, congressmen engel and congressman peter king, thank you so much. thank you both. >> gregg: former president bill clinton is crisscrossing the northeast today lending his star power to democrats. just ahead of the november elections. molly line is live in massachusetts, where mr. clinton is stumping for congressman barney frank. molly, this visit was about motivating democrats that are facing tough elections? >> reporter: yes, this is all about closing the enthusiasm gap and we have seen in the polls, republicans are motivated and energized this year and analysts predicting they'll have a banner year, in these elections in november and in a sense is traveling across new england to get the democrats out to the polls come fall and trying to rally their support and rallying for barney frank, who has incredible name recognition in the state of massachusetts and he talked not just about barney
5:11 pm
frank's accomplishments but the general voter anger and frustration the economy is not being turned around quicker and urged voters to give democrats the chance to continue their work for another two years and reminded voters that he as president had eight years and wanted voters to fight back against republicans. take a listen: >> if the election, every election in america could be a referendum on anger and apathety and amnesia, our side would be in pretty bad shape, even a great congressman and a committee chairman, but, that is not what elections are, fox. elections are choices. choices between candidates and ideas. >> reporter: certainly the landscape changed here in massachusetts, in january, when scott brown won the election, republican over the democrat, martha coakley it was an upset victory and really, a -- changed the way the democrats are going at the election and are throwing a lot at this and president clinton as well as president obama out on the trail quite a bit. gregg?
5:12 pm
>> gregg: molly line. former president clinton didn't just lend a little of his charisma to barney frank. he hit connecticut and headed to maine. >> reporter: there has been a mix of things happening today, starting in connecticut with the senate race there, richard blumehthal, the attorney general facing off against linda mcmahaon, a well funded candidate, she's funding her own race to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, the former head of world wrestling and then, running tor governor, libbey mitchell and a senate race and a governor's race, a lot of ground covered by the former president. >> gregg: molly line in mass marks molly, thank you. >> julie: president hugo chavez facing a tough political fight on his own turf. a wide changing coalition of opposition groups are banding together in the election, threatening to take a huge bite out of the legislature, that has
5:13 pm
been little more than a rubber stamp for the chavez presidency. steve harrigan is streaming live from caracas, venezuela, hi there, steve. >> reporter: julie, a great deal of passion in these election and we saw people out from the early morning hours waiting in line for what is expected to be higher than 70% turnout and a dead heat between the party of chavez for the parliament here and national assembly and the opposition. but, for hugo chavez, he says his opponent, his enemy, remains, the united states. >>. >> translator: we're in a battle that is global. on september 26th, we are again going to defeat the imperialist yankees. yankees go home! >> yankees go home! go home! [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: he's been in power 11 years and talked about openly staying in power for decades longer and the opposition is really just trying slow him down as they get a third of the seats, they'll be able to do
5:14 pm
that and the odds are stacked against the opposition, whenever chavez appears to give a speech on tv all the channels have to carr carry it and some of the speeches last up to 6 hours long. back to you. >> julie: thank you so much. >> gregg: if you turn on the tv or radio and are likely to hear an advertisement for schools offering to improve your job skills in this rough economy, for-profit colleges. and now some of the schools are accused of shady practices, leaving students in major debt and without a job. are these schools worth your money? joining me now, fox senior business correspondent, anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner. graduation rates, and onerous loans, is there deception going on here. >> the general accounting office had a study and looked at 15 for-profit institutions, of the 15, 15 were shown to have either deceptive or aggressive
5:15 pm
marketing tactics and recently one of those targeted said it would change the way that it pays its recruiters. now it looks like many of them, you know, for the more... are paid according to how many bodies they basically bring in. and, some of them don't always say exactly the whole truth when telling the story. >> gregg: i was reading part of the jao, and, said an admissions rep told a prospective student that barbers can earn up to $250,000 a year, but according to the bureau of labor statistics they make less than $43,000 a year. >> i would put up a shop if that is the case. >> gregg: let's go into business! look, for-profits generally cater to nontraditional students, older people with full-time jobs, and students who have children. so they do fill a valuable need, right? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, for nontraditional students, the older students,
5:16 pm
for people who basically just want job skills, their very very, useful and flexible, and you can do everything on-line, very flexible hours, and you can graduate much more quickly, according to how quickly you want to go. and they focus completely on job skills. they want to get you into the job market. you don't have to take history, civics any of that. you go straight for what your job is -- >> gregg: graphic design, cosmetology, nursing, business administration, stuff like that but it can be in incredibly expensive and i heard the average cost is $14,000 per year and that is the equivalent of six years at a community college which averages $2500 a year, right? >> and you can get the same program oftentimes at the community college and it will -- you can't pack as much into one year, it is expensive and it is important to remember they are
5:17 pm
for-profit and are responsible first of all, to their shareholders and that is important. and, also, you have to be careful about what kind of loans they are pushing you and you can go into debt, $14,000 a year. >> gregg: bottom line, do your homework, no pun intended and you have to be skeptical and ask a lot of question and do research and find out what you are getting into. >> ask about job placement, what the average salary is, what the graduation rate was, and, also, be careful, because, if you -- you may not have the certificate that you want for the job field you are looking for, then you have to go back and take more classes, maybe at the community college, so, makes sure it fits just like that. buyer beware like anything else. >> gregg: caveat emptor. brenda buttner, good to see you, thanks. >> julie: the health care reform law is beginning to kick in. what does it mean for you and your family? you'll find out coming up.
5:18 pm
>> gregg: and the famed pastor of a georgia mega church, eddie long, familiar face, speaking out today about accusations that he sexually abused four young men and his message to his congregation, coming up. >> julie: and 50 years since the historic televised debate between john f. kennedy and richard nixon and how one of them changed american politics forever. [ female announcer ] there are endless reasons to get together
5:19 pm
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>> gregg: the first provisions of the health care reform law kicking in this past week, the -- though many of the biggest changes occur in 2014. we thought it would be a good idea to look at what the law and the president promised, and, what it is actually delivering . here to break it down, john fund, from the "wall street journal," the president made a lot of promises and i want to play four of them for you. which he, again said over and over again and these are all from his march 3rd speech that he delivered from the east room of the white house, here's the first one: >> president barack obama: if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
5:23 pm
>> gregg: true or untrue. >> partially true in the early stages but they are grandfathering in old plans, only for a limited period of time, we're already seeing many small businesses in addition saying, we can no longer afford to carry health care coverage for our workforce. because the costs are going to go up. so we might just drop it and pay the fine, so the answer is, for most people, yes, but for an increasing number of people over time, no, your plan is going to change. >> gregg: and it has been estimated that half of medicare advantage will be kicked out of the plan and there was a leaked dhs memo that said 2/3 of businesses will end up being forced off their plan and onto something else. here's the second presidential promise. take a listen: >> president barack obama: our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current senate bill which reduces most people's premiums and brings down our deficits by up to a trillion dollars over the next two decades. brings down our deficit.
5:24 pm
>> gregg: does it bring down or deficit? >> well, what the -- when the president said those words in march, 80% of the american people said no, we cannot figure how you will expand coverage to 30 million more americans and at the same time reduce the deficit by lowering health care costs and the answer is all of the studies that came out since then including studies from the government itself indicate this is going to balloon the deficit. >> gregg: including the chief actuary for health care, richmond foster, who came out with pretty startling numbers, that undermine what the president promised. the president repeatedly promised that his health care bill would, quote, make sure everyone has access to coverage. true or untrue? >> well, no. because somewhere between 15 and 20 million americans are not going to be included in this, even under the most optimistic scenarios and in addition part of the reason they are holding down costs in medicare is they are reducing the reimbursement
5:25 pm
rates for doctors who take medicare and medicaid patients and part of that will create a shortage of nurses and doctors and by 2020 there will be a shortage of 300,000 nurses and 100,000 doctors, and it will mean it will be harder for new people, given the coverage to find a doctor, already half the doctors in the country don't see medicaid patients, and, most of the people, about a 13ird of the people who will be added onto the insurance rolls are basically going to be pushed into medicaid which is not particularly good medicine, i wouldn't send my pet to it, frankly and i have to tell you we'll see shortages of doctors and nurses, because we -- the government will not be able to afford this. >> julie: here's another presidential promise. take a listen: >> president barack obama: finally, my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for millions. families, businesses, and the
5:26 pm
federal government. >> gregg: true or untrue. >> i don't see how that happens. again, all of the studies that we have cited earlier, that have been released since the health care bill, indicate we're moving in completely the opposite direction. >> gregg: i interviewed a guy, doug goen said who sat on the set here, who received written notice from his insurance company that his premium was going to go up 25% an lit rehabilitate the letter, there he is on the set with me yesterday... said it was due in part to the new health care mandate. so, you know, it doesn't appear for many people including doug, that the president's promise is going to come true. he is going to pay a whole lot more. >> i just spoke to someone here in this studio, the woman who made me up. her health care premiums, blue cross is going up significantly. she just got the notice last week. >> gregg: all right, premiums going up. thanks very much, john fund, of the "wall street journal." john, good to see you, as
5:27 pm
always, thanks. >> julie: we're minutes away from a controversial deadline in the middle east potential putting the entire future of the region in jeopardy. we'll get a live report, coming up from jerusalem. >> gregg: and a look back, 50 years ago, at an event that changed presidential politics forever. don't go away. >> the question before us is, which point of view and party do we want to lead the snoo. >> i know what it means to be poor. i know what it means to see people who are unemployed. with capital one's vture card,
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5:31 pm
we'll have our guaranteed benefits. and with the new healthcare law, more good things are coming: free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud. see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it. ♪ >> julie: a "fox news alert." a critical moment minutes away now, from the middle east peace talks as we have been reporting and this just in, and on the record comment coming on the middle east peace process, coming from the state department assistant secretary for public affairs, p. j. crowley. secretary clinton spoke today with israeli prime minister netanyahu and the quartet, and
5:32 pm
we keep pushing for talks to continue, that is the latest from the state department, and in the meantime, this is all over a freeze on the israeli housing construction in the west bank which is set to expire, the palestinians threatening to walk out of the talk, if that happens and all five including the united states are scrambling now, to find an 11th hour compromise. we are live in jerusalem with more, at this hour. >> reporter: hi, julie. in the past few hours, palestinian gunmen opened fire and wounded two israeli citizens on the west bank, clearly, this was just another attempt by extremist to try and derail the peace talks, as for the jewish settlers on the west bank they say come sunrise, in about six hours in jerusalem they are going begin construction again on the west bank, of course, it is the settlement freeze that prevented all of the construction, that actually brought the palestinians to the negotiating table, and, it's the end of the settlement freeze,
5:33 pm
they very well may be the end of the peace talks. the ten month construction freeze officially end at midnight but, already on the west bank, construction has begun, it is hard to imagine the amount of effort that went into preventing this concrete from coming in, exactly what this hole represents. but, this could be the beginning of the end of the middle east peace process. let me explain to you why. we're on an israeli settlement deep in the west bank, that is the land the palestinians want, for their future state. and, the settlers intend to keep building and to emphasize their point they had a massive show up for the media and, there were a lot more reporters and photographers from news organization all over the world covering this than settlers involved in putting down the concrete. up next, yet another show, they'll release about 2,000 balloons into the sky, they say that represents the 2,000 homes
5:34 pm
they intend to build on the west bank and as you can imagine, the palestinians are not happy about that situation. >> as for the palestinians, they've said consistently in the past six weeks they'll walk away from the table if this freeze is not extended. however they haven't walked away yet and they say they'll meet in cairo the next couple of days to decide what to do. as for the israelis, julie, according to defense minister ehud barak he says he gives the talks a 50/50 chance of continuing. remember, the talks haven't actually figured anything out yet. we're still in the process of figuring out what we'll talk about. >> julie: thank you very much. gregg. >> gregg: i mega church pastor in georgia vowing to fight back against allegation that he sexually abused several young men, bishop eddie long speaking to his congregation for the first time since the scandal broke. we are live with georgia in more. elizabeth, what did he say? >> reporter: well, gregg was a
5:35 pm
very subdued sermon read by the pastor, the congregation is not used to that. it has been six days since the allegations surface and the pastor sat in front of the church and said, though i may not be a perfect man i never claimed to be a perfect man, i'm not the man the media is portraying and he never named any of the accusers and never responded to any specific allegations in the suits, saying that this is a very painful and difficult time for both him and his family, but, he's ready to take it to the justice system, he said he's ready to fight. take a listen: >> i have been accused, i'm under attack. i want you to know as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man. but, this thing, i am going to fight. >> reporter: now, gregg, he held a press conference shortly after the 8:00 a.m. service and it turned into a media statement, he did not accept any questions
5:36 pm
from the media, but he seemed to be more concerned with the reaction of his congregation and we spoke with people as they left the church today, and there was absolute mixed reaction, on one hand people who said they are passionately supporting their pastor, and other people, who are on the fence, and then you have other people, who say they simply didn't believe what he had to say. take a listen: >> he said that he had five stones and hasn't thrown one cret but i didn't believe him. i didn't believe him. i'm sorry. i'm not here to hurt him or throw him end the bus. but, my spirit and in my heart, i did not believe him. >> we are behind the bishop and love him... >> we love him, let the courts make the decision. not the public. the courts. >> reporter: gregg, this is the first time the pastor has spoken publicly and it will take time for people to decide if they want to stay with this congregation and support the
5:37 pm
pastor. >> gregg: live in georgia, elizabeth, thanks. >> julie: 50 years ago, presidential politics took a giant leap forward into the modern area, j.f.k. and richard nixon took part in a landmark debate and america would never be the same again. eric sean has the story. >> eric: it simply changed the way we elect presidents. 70 million americans watched as john f. kennedy and richard m. nixon sparred in the first live televised presidential debate. >> the question before us. >> chris: which point of view and which party do we want to lead the united states. >> i know what it means to be poor. i know what it means to see people who are unemployed. >> the 7th game of the world series becomes those debates... >> eric: the author of the new book, "1960, lbj versus j.f.k. versus nixon". >> it is two men stripping down, going into the ring, one-on-one and each hoping to bloody the other one.
5:38 pm
>> what does the cut means... >> in 1960 there were four debates but the first one history remembers, those who watched television thought kennedy won. and those who listened on radio gave the victory to nixon. the difference could have been makeup, after a sun tanned kennedy declined it nixon refused to wear it and, he had been sick causing him to look pale. >> nixon came in first. nixon had been ill. nixon had strep infection and he was in pain... >> i want you make any excuse like that. i was feeling all right. i didn't certainly look well. >> eric: the debates can turn on such things. >> it is always those moments, these "gotcha" moments which are crucial and i said you are no jack kennedy or this is my microphone, mr. bush or i will not hold your age against you, more mondale. >> eric: at the j.f.k. library in boston, those involved at the time marked the anniversary with a look back. >> as we hit the stage, he said
5:39 pm
i have to go to the the bathroom. and i heard the stage manager doing ten, nine, eight... and he made the stage on one. >> eric: richard knicks xob once offered this advice. >> i urge all candidates then future, be sure you remember, more important than what you say, is how you look on television. >> eric: i'm eric sean, fox news. >> gregg: remarkable moment in history, all right. after 9/11 dozens of centers were set up to help law enforcement share important information and possibly prevent another terrorist attack. why the aclu claims the centers are a threat to your privacy.
5:40 pm
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>> gregg: law enforcement agencies across the country now using what are known as fusion centers to gather and share information on terrorist threats. but, the aclu claims the centers could threat then privacy of law
5:44 pm
abiding mention. so, how do we balance our privacy and our security? let's have our legal panel weigh in. joining us now, former federal prosecutor, lis weihl and paul cowan, professor of seat tan hall university and a fox news contributor. is there anything wrong with compiling a database of criminals and criminal activity and sharing it with law enforcement. >> exactly, within law enforcement. i'll bring you back to 9/11 or pre-9/11, remember the cia and the fbi were not communicating about what they knew, intelligence they knew? if they had known and had communicated, 9/11 may have been thwart thwarted. that is exhibit a, yes. between law enforcement agencies they have to communicate and they are not sending it to anyone private, keeping it within law enforcement. >> gregg: paul, if you commit a crime it's a matter of personal and public record and second of all, you lose some of your privacy rights when that happens, right? >> we're not talking about
5:45 pm
people committing crimes. let's set the stage on this. the aclu is suing in illinois, because they made a freedom of information request to find out what exactly this fusion center is doing. these fusion centers by the way in the past have been accused of looking at people's library books to see what they are taking out of the library, and their videos and not talking about people who commit crimes but a violation of the freedom of information act -- >> no, we -- >> tell me how the freedom of information act is violated. >> i have the law in front of me. in illinois, it falls within the law enforcement and internal operations exemption for the illinois freedom of information act. boom, right there. >> really? the lawsuit says, and i'll tell you what it is really about. there was a demonstration at the caterpillar plant in illinois because they make bulldozers that are used in israel to bulldoze down houses and there were demonstrations by pro palestinians in front of the caterpillar plant, the ac lu is
5:46 pm
asking, why are you keeping records about who those demonstrators were -- >> the aclu under the exemption has no right to ask that and be qualified to get the information. the ac -- >> the government can -- >> as long as it is only transferred from one law enforcement agency to another, not to put out there in the press or anything else done with it, sharing communication and i bring you back to pre-9/11. >> gregg: if they are in a published place there is no expectation of privacy, anyway, there is. >> where do they go from there. >> they haven't gone any further. >> how do you know, they will not release their records. the aclu... look, let me finish the aclu is not trying to find out what specifically was found out about an individual person, they are trying to find out, are constitutional rights being violated. are they looking for library books, to see what video as you are renting. >> that is not what they are talking about... we are talking about -- i have it right here.
5:47 pm
i have it right here. >> gregg: the kindle, a lot better than old paper. >> yes. >> there is nothing on this piece of paper that indicates... >> gregg: plug it in a different place! paul you think it is orwellian. hey, you are stuck in 1984, if i may, because, you know, you can -- everybody's on the internet, that is very orwellian and we have satellite imagery, and you can look at my house from space, we are recall ready there. >> well, we are already where, people can spy on it? and american citizens all the more need protection of their privacy right. all the aclu is looking to do is find out whether the constitution is being violated. >> we are not talking about people spying, we are talking about law enforcement agencies working together interstate and it is important -- >> do we trust them all. >> we have to trust some of them
5:48 pm
or most of them, don't we? what else will we do? >> i think we have a thing, for instance that requires a judge to approve a search warrant though the police want one. the constitution, lis. >> gregg: apparently there is evidence that these fusion centers in several states, virginia, wisconsin, maryland, missouri have been targeting people based on their political leaning. if that is true, if they are targeting people on their politic and not because of criminal activity -- >> but there is no proof of that. >> gregg: we don't know until we get the information. >> you now why there is no proof of it u.s.? because the aclu asked for the records of what they are surveilling and will not release them. >> wait a second. first of all, there is be a exemption within illinois law and second of all if they are to release the information, the aclu... there is an ongoing -- >> gregg: there is a great point here -- >> if you don't know what they are doing, all i'm saying, we have to know in general what they are doing.
5:49 pm
>> and you'll shut down the investigation. >> gregg: he's only saying, if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding. >> the i.t. caterpillar records -- >> wait, waited, wait, by definition you -- you have to hide -- you have to hard -- >> gregg: i'm getting a hard wrap, thanks, very much, a good, spirited debate and paul wins a little bit because he has the ipad. get with it, will you? >> i wish the producers would give me a hook and use it's on you guys, after all of these legal conversations. could a head cold make you fat? our medical team weighs in on a controversial study. you have to hear about it, coming up.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
>> julie: mom always said zip up your coat or you'll catch a cold, sound familiar? did she actually know that colds could make you fat? now there is growing evidence apparently that a cold virus is being linked to obesity in kids? on the bright side, if the virus can make you fat, can an anti-virus make you thin? joining me now, dr. kumar, a fox news medical contributor and member of the medical a-team, according to the study, published in the journal of
5:54 pm
pediatrics, a virus causing obesity, this is a first, how so. >> they actually found in two studies, one was done in carry and another at uc-san diego and it's a small study but found a greater number of children carry the antibodies to a virus called the zeno-virus 36 when they were obesity versus those of children of normal weight and the virus is one of 55 cold viruses that are around and what they think is happening is the antibodies from the virus are converting stem cells into fat cells. just because you get extra fat cells doesn't mean they will be huge, either and you can shrink them like you do when you lose weight but the extra cells are there and if you have high number of calories in your diet or high fat load in your diet you are going to expand those cells and that is where the obesity kicks in. >> julie: the numbers are startling and the research found antibodies to ad-36 to 50 of the obese children and 4 of the
5:55 pm
nonobese children and the average of these kids, on average they weigh 50 pounds -- that is a child in itself -- weighs 50 pounds more than those without the ant bodies and are the fat cells permanent. >> they are, once you get them they are permanent but they can shrink and that is why when you lose weight you don't lose fat cells, you keep the same number of fat cells but shrink them and the numbers they found in the research, are statistically significant but we have to be careful with association studies an association studies don't imply a cause and effect and in other words, a lot more research has to be done to determine if this is really a cause and effect relationship, and the study really needs to be duplicated to find out if the association exists or it happens to be a fluke as part of the study and if we find a cause and effect relationship you can look at antivirals and vaccines... >> julie: if it is true, the virus can make us obese, can an anti-virus, potentially,
5:56 pm
vaccinate against bow baeobesit >> only against this virus, they only found this ad-36 virus to be associated with obesity and obviously the vaccine or antiviral has to be against that virus and they only found it in 1/3 of children that -- 1/3 of the children they looked at had the virus-36 and it will not cover all children, only children affected with this virus. >> julie: dr. kumar, thank you very much. >> gregg: that will do it for urbans us, a belated happy birthday to my co-anchor, julie bandaras. how is that aarp card, you'll get a bunch of discounts. >> julie: i'll borrow yours, fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. have a great week, everybody! campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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